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    Can I practice with Metronaut on TV?

    If your TV supports Airplay 2, you can practice Metronaut from your TV! (see a list of compatible TVs below) Your sheet music will be displayed on the TV, the sound will also come out of the TV but...

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    Wie kann ich eine Rückerstattung beantragen?

    Alle Abonnements und Käufe werden direkt von Apple abgewickelt. Sie können mit Ihrer Apple-ID und folgenden Anweisungen eine Rückerstattung Bevor Sie eine...

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    Can I switch to a different version of a Piece?

    Most pieces in Metronaut are available in different versions based on Level of Difficulty and Accompaniment Type (for example with Piano or Orchestra). You can switch between these versions at any ...

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    The cursor and audio are not together

    If the cursor and audio are not synched together, or the cursor on the score is arriving earlier or later than the Audio, you need to adjust Audio Latency. When connecting wireless speakers, sound ...

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    Tools offered on Sheet Musics when practicing with Metronaut

    Mit Metronaut ist das Lernen Ihrer Lieblingsstücke einfach und macht Spaß. Überprüfen Sie zusätzliche Tools, indem Sie in der Partitur auf ⚙️ tippen: Anmerkung: Kommentieren Sie Ihre ...

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    I am Premium but the App keeps asking me to Subscribe!

    If you have previously subscribed to a Premium membership but the App is asking you to subscribe and not letting you to advance to the Practice Screen, please check the following steps: 1. Make sur...

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    Can I use my own Microphone with Metronaut?

    Yes! Metronaut automatically chooses the last microphone you have connected to your device as long as it is a Wired Microphone. You can verify or change the microphone in the Practice Screen, by ch...

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    Why can't I record my performances?

    On some devices while going to your Recordings, you will see a message stating that recordings are not made on your device! Devices in this category are iPad Pro, iPhone 11 and some others. This is...

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    How can I print a sheet music?

    Starting Metronaut version 4.2.0, you can print your sheet music from the App and using Air Print. To print a score, simply tap the Print icon either from a piece Settings button or from the Previe...